Meditation and its benefits for kids

Meditation orध्यान is a mental training of consciousness to achieve calm and luminous mind. This practice uses many techniques that include ensuring mindfulness, increasing self-knowledge, improving concentration, all aimed to develop a more focused and a stable mind.

In today’s lifestyle, everyone, including children, needs to develop a habit of practicing meditation for a peaceful mind. Worn-out competitions are everywhere for children as in the areas of studies, sports, technology-equipped, extra-curricular and other activities.

The best medicine for a child’s complex mind is meditation that helps them to achieve relaxation and stability. It will be great if you, as a parent, make sure that your child is meditating at least once a day.

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According to American Academy of Pediatrics (2020), the length of time and frequency of meditation can vary for different people and different practices. But pediatricians typically recommend the following time frames:

  • Preschool children: A few minutes per day.
  • Grade school children: 3-10 minutes twice a day.
  • Teens and adults: 5-45 minutes per day or more based on preference.

**before adding meditative practices to your child’s wellness routine, discuss it with your child’s pediatrician.

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Different ways to perform meditation for calming mind, body, and soul:

  • Trained professional and counselors for proper meditation
  • audio recordings
  • online training
  • websites
  • Various apps available in smartphones
  • books
  • videos
  • Can practice by your own
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There are many different types of meditations in the world but mindfulness is considered to be one of the best meditation practices for children as it calms mind and body by reducing negative thoughts, it slows down complex thoughts. It mainly involves breathing techniques to relax the mind. It is an easy practice that does not requires special preparation to perform meditation.

“Meditation is mind’s gift to itself.”
— Lama Ole Nydahl

Benefits of Meditation in children:

  • Helps to adapt proper breathing: Technique to keep the focus on inhaling and exhaling exercise while breathing will improve overall body functions, slowly a child should learn the correct technique for more benefits.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress level: High level of competition causes anxiety and stress in children, meditation cools down their minds and helps to focus more.
  • Control emotions: Proper breathing techniques and meditation let a child control over his/her negative emotions. This further helps them to control heartbeats, breathing, fear, tension, and self-centered behavior in public.
  • During meditation different parts of the brain slow down and children can process information more clearly, they create a sense of peace and calm.
  • Children practicing meditation are emotionally more positive, happy, strong, and understanding. They adapt and adjust to changing surroundings.
  • Meditation works on body, mind, and soul. The technique of focusing the mind on an object or thought during the meditation process increases the concentration of mind, improves the immune system, and also improves their sleeping.
  • With a stable and clear meditated mind, children perform better in their academics.
  • Neurological and physiological benefits can help kids on the Autism spectrum and those diagnosed with ADHD.

Children, as well as parents, should practice meditation regularly for a happy and peaceful life.