Bal Gopal Children’s Hospital partners with parents to ensure that the child is growing in a healthy and expected manner. We work with parents, especially first time ones to help them understand and equip themselves with the rigors of parenthood. At the same time, there are counselors to understand both child & parent emotional issues – how to help parents understand the child’s emotional needs and how to help the children build a stronger bond with the parents.
Bal Gopal Hospitals works with parents on both preventive as well as treatment plans.
Our pediatricians are excited to work with you in ensuring your child is disease-free, growing adequately and are healthy – physically and emotionally. You can therefore reach out to us anytime and we will be happy to assist you.
On the diseases side, it is important to understand the symptoms. And if you find anything amiss with the child’s behavior, eating pattern, external changes to skin, swellings etc., it is imperative to consult a specialist and understand the reasons causing them. Even this can be better addressed you have a periodic and consistent interface with your pediatrician.