Director's Message

Dr. Ashok Bhattar

M.D. (Gold Medalist)

At Bal Gopal Children Hospital, we begin every day with one goal — making breakthroughs for children. It’s not about me, it’s not about any single one of us. We all contribute our expertise, our genius, our care, our devotion and our passion. We are here as a team to do one thing and that is to care for our patients and families, and to support each other in doing that as colleagues, as team members, and as our own Bal Gopal family.”

“तुम्हारा धर्म क्या है, यह मैं नहीं जानना चाहता,
तुम्हारे विचार क्या हैं यह भी मैं नहीं जानना चाहता,
मैं सिर्फ यह जानना चाहता हूँ की तुम्हारे दुःख क्या हैं,
इन्हे दूर करने में मदद करना चाहता हूँ”