Child Psychology

The Rehabilitation Psychological Clinic caters to the needs of those individuals who wish to seek professional help from Rehabilitation Psychologist for dealing with various types of mental and physical disabilities and Psychological issues and problems. The clinic has good, professional and well experienced Psychologist. Due care shall be taken for different types of mental and Psychological problems under single roof.

Services :-

The Psychological clinic offers wide Psychological Counseling and therapies for Behavior Modification. After having primary rapid assessment and evaluation single and multiple sessions for counseling and therapies are provided as per the need of the patient In case of super specialized requirement the referral interventions are available.

We shall help for :-

Academic Issue :- We deal with moderate, mild, borderline and slow learner children and with learning disability of child.We provide inrense and one to one counseling for parents, school teachers and tuition teachers which helps the children towards better academic performance

Dealing  with stress and other pressures:-  The parents and family members of disabled children face a lot of stress and social pressure. Our specific counseling enable them to accept the situation and to deal with child in a normal and positive way. Eventually it upholds the self stream to get rid from stress.

Parenting Programme:- We aware the parents to modify their behavior in such cases where children are having some emotion problems with children. Recurrent follow up and one to one specific individual counseling provides them a positive attitude and the way forward. Such counseling carefully maintains the privacy of the patients.

Assessments:- Wide range of assessments are available which includes developmental screening test (DST),Vineland social maturity scale(VSMS),Bender Gastald test (BGT),Seguin Form Board(SFB),Binet Kamat test of intelligence(BKT),Bhatia Battery of Intelligence test, Assessment of ADHD,Assessment for austism spectrum disorder, Assessment regarding learning capacity.

 Behavior Modification:- Behavior modification through counseling and techniques are available for all kind of children like normal child with negative behavior and disabled children. The services are significantly effective to modify behavior for specially aggressiveness.

Special Education:- Thorough Rehabilitation Psychologist and Special Educator we provide direct special education to the children who are in such need and seek care. The special education covers all kind of cognitive and social development to bring the child in normal stream of education up to its possible optimum extent. Rehabilitation Psychologist and special educators are equipped with latest basket of interesting learning games.