Bal Gopal Children’s Hospital caters to well over 10specialties for Children covering the entire spectrum of child health issues.
Some of the key specialties at Bal Gopal Children’s Hospital include – Neonatology, Paediatric Intensive Care, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatric Neurology, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Paediatric Dentistry and various others. Each of the specialties are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and helmed by some of the leading practitioners in their respective fields. Each specialty also employs a highly qualified nursing staff as well as counselors and others to ensure that your child receives the best possible care and support.

Working in close coordination, the team of doctors and specialties ensure that the child is in the best clinical care while at Bal Gopal.

Bal Gopal Children’s Hospital also caters to some of the regular child health issues dealing with prevention & immunization, emergencies & contingencies, first-aid, nutritional support, physiotherapy, occupational learning and regular OPD.